Kilroy Systems Deployment

ORCA’s Kilroy network is a water quality monitoring system that constantly monitors the physical, chemical and biological indicators of health in our waterways.

The innovative Kilroy network lets scientists, as well as community members, monitor an extensive array of water quality data including water temperature, depth, salinity, dissolved oxygen, fluorescent dissolved organic matter, oxidation reduction potential, turbidity, chlorophyll a and blue‐green algae phycoerythrin (BGA‐PE) as a measure of blue‐green, algae continuously in ~30‐min increments as well as nutrients (nitrate, nitrite and orthophosphate) in 4 hr increments, year round. The goal of ORCA’s Kilroy water quality monitoring program in combination with its Ecotoxicity and Pollution Mapping Programs is to identify the constituents and sources of pollutants that are degrading the health of the Indian River Lagoon.


Live data at each location can be viewed by clicking here: Kilroy live feed.

See our Project Planning Document – State of Florida DEP

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