The ORCA Data Jam is a unique competition that challenges entrants to look at real science datasets collected by ORCA citizen scientists and come up with a creative and artistic way to display and share their findings with others.

Participants will choose a dataset of interest and then graph, analyze, and creatively interpret their results in a compelling and unique way. Students (grades upper elementary, middle and high school) and adults will stretch their imaginations to create a graphic, story, play, painting, song, dance, sculpture, etc., being sure to accurately summarize and portray the trends from the data. Data Jammers can compete individually or in small teams (2-8 members) for the opportunity to win great prizes.   Imagination is the only limiting factor in this competition where art meets science!


If you have questions about this project or are interested in getting involved in our next Data Jam, please contact Jasmine Schwadron at: