Creating the scientists of the future.

All of the scientists at ORCA had a transformational education experience when they were younger – a mentor or an opportunity that sparked their passion for science and exploration and changed the course of their lives.

ORCA is committed to offering that type of experience to students today, to help create the scientists of the future.

According to an Allstate/Heartland Monitor Poll, 78% of adults believe that it’s harder for young people to get started today than it was in previous generations. We agree, and it worries us. We strongly believe that it is going to take these young, passionate, innovative professionals to reverse the degradation that has occurred – and continues to occur – in the Indian River Lagoon, as well as in estuaries and oceans throughout the world.

At ORCA, we are committed to mentoring these young professionals.  We offer young environmental scientists a unique internship experience. ORCA’s culture and mission provides young staff members a wide range of field and laboratory experiences not common in most internships. It also allows the development of some of the most important skills needed for a successful career in the 21st century – things like problem solving, logistics, project management, and interdisciplinary thinking. An internship at ORCA also means the opportunity to meet and network with professionals and leaders in the many different environmental disciplines – scientists, engineers, policy makers, advocates, politicians, educators.

Current Openings:

There are no current openings at this time. Please check back in February.